I came into 2014 with the diabetes blues. It gets us all at some point. I’ve worked so very hard to get myself on a routine, to keep my glucose levels low, but nothing I was doing was working any more.

While others had warned me about Diabetes Burn Out, I hadn’t expected it to last so long. But it has.

I am, however, working my way out the funk.

One meal at a time.

One trip to the gym at a time.

One dosage of Metformin at a time.

Because I am determined to be the master of my fate.

I am determined to keep on fighting.

I see where those who don’t work themselves out of the funk end up and they are my inspiration.

Every person who has died too soon,

gone blind too soon,

lost a limb too soon

are my inspiration to get back in the game.

To not stay down when I’m living the Diabetes Blues.