Today is my diaversary of the first time I heard that I was diagnosed with diabetes. I still get emotional 13 years later.

I guess for year “Lucky 13” I have come to accept it. I won’t be 100% on the day after Valentines Day because I that’s an amount of time that I can’t get back. I have no memory of what I was during the unknown amount time that my body lay in the bathtub unconscious.

Perhaps one day I will write a fiction tale about going to a place where insulin was free and optional. Maybe it’s a place where you can pick out a new pancreas. Who knows?

But this morning, I woke up in a mix of sadness and gladness and realized that’s been my emotional state for years on 2/15 and maybe that’s okay. Maybe that’s my normal and I should embrace it.

So for this diaversary, I just wanted to write this blog post to honor the day. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to chat on IG Live about having two diaversaries with Mila-who was also misdiagnosed and has two diaversaries. Talking today helped me talk through some reasons why it’s a moment in time of mixed emotions.

You can watch our discussion here.Click here

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re Valentines Day was good to you. 😊