The Color Run in Abu Dhabi was amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.38.46 AM

The Color Run is a run for the entire family. Big kids and little kids alike can enjoy a 3 mile walk with a smile. It’s like a street party. The winners of the color run are not the people who finish first, it’s the people who get splattered with the most paint. Some people lay down, roll around, dig in buckets, and do whatever else comes to mind to make sure they finish the race without any clean spots.

I had planned to do it in 45 minutes, but that plan went out the window very quickly. The first station was yellow and that’s where I realized that you can’t keep a pace when people are laying on the ground in front of you and others are tossing paint on you.



So, after the yellow station, I decided…”what the heck, just enjoy the walk like everyone else.”

At the blue station, I went for it!  I figured what better color station to stop at and have a party than at the color of diabetes advocacy and awareness.


IMG_1598As much fun as I had why wouldn’t I do it again?

Because that paint ruined my Brooks running sneakers and the inside of my car. The paint stained everything it touched. I was able to wash it out of most things, but not everything. Only if they supply shower stalls, would I consider it again. So be warned, if you decide to do the color run…wear shoes you care less about and change ALL your clothes before getting in the car.