As the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the choices that I made in life that have landed me here. Here in this place in my life, here alive on this day, here in this location, here at this stage of life. Here, in every sense of what it means to be here. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, and psychologically. I am here because of a series of choices, or moments in time, where I either make the right decision or the wrong one or the one that was right for me at that point in time. So, at the close of 2013, I find myself thinking about the moments in time I have been given.

We only get one.

One moment in time.

We get one moment to make a decision that may positively change our lives forever.

We only get one moment to love, to love without hesitation, to be all in.

One moment to forgive,

one moment to forget what you’ve forgiven.

One moment to allow someone to love you.

One moment to wrestle with your brokenness and fix it.

One moment in the spotlight.

One moment to shine, to laugh, to share the burden that a friend is carrying alone.

One moment to start a workout routine, to begin your book, to travel to that place you’ve wanted to visit for years.

One moment to open a savings account and actually save, one moment to celebrate the life you’ve been given, one moment to dance for no reason.


It may seem as if you have moments again, but you don’t. Ask anyone who has lost someone and they’ll tell you. They had just one moment to say “I love you” for the last time, just one moment to laugh or cry with that person, one moment to let that person know just how important they are to them.

We get one first moment. When we don’t use that moment correctly, it is a choice, a gamble, and a hope that we’ll get that moment again. But you never get that first moment again. If you are lucky you get one moment at a second try, but the same moment is never reincarnated.


As I reflect on 2013, I can see in the review mirror some pretty sad and low moments, but also so amazingly exciting ones too. I learned that I can’t control the storms of life because they are coming no matter what my choices are, but I can make sure that I cherish all the beautiful moments in time I’ve been given.

Dolphin Watching a beautiful moment in time

Dolphin Watching was one of the beautiful moments in time I had this year