Food pushers come in various degrees and I’ve been come across a wide range.

The aggressive food pusher:

“Here, try this.”

Me: “I am counting carbs, no thanks.”

Aggressive FP: “That’s good to know, but try it, it’s just a little bit.”

(There’s no way out)

The Self-important Food Pusher:

“I made this, taste it.”

Me: “I maxed out on my carbs for this meal, but thank you.”

Self-important FP: “But, I made it. I spent hours preparing it. This is my famous dish, you gotta try it.”

(To deny the food is to offend them)

The Polite Persistent Food Pusher:

“Would you like to try this?”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Polite Persistent FP: “Okay. Would you like to try that?”

Me: “Thanks, but I am okay.”

Polite Persistent FP: “I have A, B, and C. You can try one of them, if you like.”

Me: “Thanks, I have to count carbs and I am saving a few for XYZ.”

Polite Persistent FP: “That’s interesting. I heard diabetics count carbs but I don’t know much about it.”

Me: (happy to have this teachable moment) “It’s really a way of life. Because my pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, I have to limit the amount of carbs I eat at once. Tonight, I have already reached the limit.”

Polite Persistent FP: “Ohhh okay.”

Me: (Yeah, they got it)

20 minutes later…

Polite Persistent FP: “Would you like dessert? It’s delicious, you don’t want to miss it”