*Disclaimer: The bracelet shown was given to me in exchange for an honest review of StickyJewelry’s product. All opinions are mine and are truthful.

I haven’t worn a medical alert bracelet in a while and I have been missing the security feeling that comes along with wearing one.

The issue for me has been that I don’t want to publicly announce that I have diabetes before people get a chance to know me and many of the medical alert bracelets are bright, big, and bold. There’s NOTHING discreet about them and that’s a problem. Furthermore, I am a stylish type of woman and I like to wear nice bracelets and rings. I found a nice one at some point a while back, but it kept breaking, so investing in a stylish medical alert bracelet that’s good quality is paramount.

I couldn’t find all that in one place, so I haven’t worn a medical alert bracelet in years.

Then along came  STICKYJEWELRY.COM and my world changed. I was given the following bracelet to sample

 and let me tell you, months later, it still has not changed colors or faded in any way.


I wear it to the gym (when I am most vulnerable to hypoglycemia that may require assistance from someone else).

 I wear it when I am dressed up. Dressed down. On a plane and on a train and even at the zoo.

I encourage you to check out their products and if you purchase, here is a 15% discount code. PBR1517  (case sensitive) . They make great gifts as well.

Do you wear a medical alert bracelet? If not, why?