I’m excited to participate in #IWishThatPeopleKnewDiabetes Day on April 26, 2017

I thought it would be fun to do it in a series of GIFs.

1. #IWishThatPeopleKnewDiabetes is the reason why I couldn’t go full term with my daughter. Not that something was wrong, I was induced at 38 weeks 6 days, just because I have diabetes


2. #IWishThatPeopleKnewDiabetes management is a full time job. Trying to manage it on top of everything else means that my brain rarely gets to rest. I am working from Can’t to Can’t and every hour in between.


 3. #IWishThatPeopleKnewDiabetes came into my life and stole my savings like…


4. #IWishThatPeopleKnewDiabetes means experiencing (but trying to avoid) high AND low blood sugar. When my sugar is low and I’m having juice or cake or cookies or whatever sweetness I need and someone asks, “Should you have that?” I feel like this…


5. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes management requires being immersed in numbers. Carb Counting at every meal. Getting your A1C results every three months. Checking your blood glucose 2-6 times per day.


6. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes can have me feeling like this in the morning when my fasting blood sugar is within range.


7. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes can have you feeling like this after lunch because you miscalculated your carbs, forgot to take your meds, and/or ate the cookie/doughnut that your coworker brought into the office.


8. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes doesn’t have a cure. And when you tell me about that mysterious fruit in the Amazon rain forest or that exotic juice that’s been discovered, this will be the look on my face until you can get it to me so that I can try it AND my pancreas goes back normal.


9. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes isn’t caused by eating “too many sweets.” It’s a disease where one of your vital organs (the pancreas) doesn’t produce enough insulin to counter the carbs you eat. So when you eat too much over the holidays and you joke about “Eating so much sweet potato pie that you gonna get diabetes,” your joke is NOT FUNNY.


10. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes nearly killed me. More than once. More than twice. More than a few times. And because of diabetes, I am extra thankful for another day of life.


… and if you ever get to hear my testimony, then you will understand why my praise looks more like this…


11. #IWIshThatPeopleKnewDiabetes changes you. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. It drives you crazy. It’s the reason you can’t do some things. It’s the reason why you must do other things. Diabetes is 24/7. And because diabetes never sleeps, it’s the reason why, even on a bad day, I go to bed knowing that I am Diagnosed but NOT DEFEATED!!