I travel a lot.

I am blessed to have have flown on more international flights than I can count and with a variety of airlines. I’ve traveled to 21 countries but I have NEVER had a diabetic meal as balanced and delicious as I have on Qatar Airways.

Last week, on my flight from Houston to Doha, I was given the following meal for dinner.

IMG_0067This meal consisted of: Salmon, rice, veggie sauce, a small green salad, fruit, and water. This was not only tasty but filling. The “regular” meal choices were chicken or vegetarian options which made me appreciate my fish option even more. Who doesn’t love salmon? It made me feel as special as my meal was.

Then before the descend, we were given breakfast.

IMG_0069This meal consisted of: Egg omelet, sauteed spinach, pink grapefruit, plain yogurt with a strawberry, a rice cake, and orange juice. I asked for the roll and butter.

If there was ever a time I got excited about a rice cake, it was last week on my flight. Why? Well, I like rice cakes but it was another one of those things that made Qatar stand out…what airline gives you a rice cake? Moreover, an apple cinnamon rice cake? I saved it for my snack and it was the perfect pick me up a couple of hours later.

Hands down, no hesitation, Qatar’s diabetic meals are the best that I have had on any flight. No Shade to other airlines…well maybe just enough to encourage them to step up their game. I use to fly (an airline that I will not name) frequently and I stopped requesting diabetic meals because they were not balanced (either too many carbs or not enough), they were not appealing, or tasty. It is a horrible feeling to get a “special” meal and look around at the “regular” meals and want to beat yourself up. The last time I flew on (an airline that I will not name) I ended up telling the flight attendant that I didn’t want the diabetic meal once I saw it. Sadly, she looked at the meal and understood.

The next time you flight internationally don’t be afraid to order the diabetic meal on Qatar Airways.


*I have not been paid for this post, I am just so thankful that there is an airline that gets our dietary needs that I think you all should know.