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Today’s topic is very interesting because if I tell you what I don’t tell you, then I’m telling you. LOL

However, in my most recent interview by Health Central that went live a few weeks ago (see it here) the thing that I’ve been keeping to myself is now public.

Pregnancy and Diabetes. I read, with MUCH appreciation, Kim’s and Ginger’s blogs and posts about their pregnancies and thought that I would follow suit. However, very early on I decided that being pregnant was an intimate experience for me that I wouldn’t tell you until after it was over. I wanted to savor every moment and share with only those I communicate with either via phone or text. I even tagged the slogan, “My Pregnancy is NOT for social media consumption.”

I haven’t talked about the challenge of being back on insulin and how with each new week the increases in the baby’s size foreshadows the need for more insulin. This means that sometimes I get it wrong and sometimes those errors have sent me into an emotional low (when the reading was high) or I found myself in “hypo land” too often. Nearly fainting, heat flashes, pounding heart, and worried about my baby. 


It’s been too emotional, too private, too present to talk about now. When it’s over, I will reflect on it and share. But I can say this… Every woman who manages pregnancy and diabetes is a very special superwoman!