I was so excited about attending my first diabetes walk in the UAE. Walk 2013 was going to be my moment to triumph. The doors opened at 2pm and I made sure that I was there on time.


I am ready!


I saw a bike challenge and thought that it would be a good idea.


…but I was wrong. The challenge was 10 minutes and it was a 2 mile incline. Doing this in the 2pm desert heat, before the race, resulted in me having a slight heat stroke. I was SO sick. I needed juice for my glucose but there was NO juice in sight. I also needed to get out of the sun, but there was no place to rest in the air condition.  So, the medical team had to treat me with a hydration concoction while sitting on a golf cart in the middle of the heat.

My advice for the planning committee is to always have juice available at a Diabetes walk. Exercise burns sugar and after a 5k race, many might need some.

I have learned that walks or races that involve being left in the heat are not good for me and I must never assume that a diabetes walk would have items to raise one’s glucose levels, so prepare my own stash of supplies.


By the time the race began at 5pm, I had to say goodbye. Perhaps, if I am blessed to attend again, I will arrive just moments before the race starts so that I am not exhausted by the sun and dehydrated.