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Welcome to one of the most dynamic blogs about living with diabetes. Explore an array of informative categories about being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes. I’ve had the “privilege” of being diagnosed with both types of diabetes. In 2011, I was diagnosed with type 2 and eight years later in 2019, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As a person living with LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) my platform provides the unique experience of understanding both types personally. Being misdiagnosed has been an emotional experience, but I try to find the light. One way is by reminding myself that I’ve wanted to bridge the types since my blog began and believing that last year God answered that prayer. ūüėÄ

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts about living with diabetes. They include topics such as recipes, fitness, travel, faith-based perspectives, and much more. Stay as long as you like and come back often.


1106, 2020

To Be Black American With Diabetes: My Journey

June 11th, 2020|5 Comments

When I was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2011, I was given educational pamphlets about diabetes during my 6-day stay in the hospital. At the time they didn’t know which type of diabetes I had, so I received material on both type 1 and type 2. When I was released from [...]

1805, 2020

Micro-Diabetes Burnout

May 18th, 2020|2 Comments

This is the beginning of SUNDAY SOLILOQUIES. For the next few Sundays, I'll post a video and a blog post about whatever is on my mind related to diabetes. Today, I want to talk about micro diabetes burnout. You're probably wondering, what's that. Keep reading and you'll see. I woke up [...]

205, 2020

Diabetes and The Clark Sisters Lifetime Movie

May 2nd, 2020|0 Comments

I recently watched The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel, a Lifetime movie that was released on April 11, 2020.  To start, I want to say that there were a number of things I enjoyed about the film. I am thankful that someone found this all-women gospel group worthy of having [...]

304, 2020

Everyone is NOT safe at home!

April 3rd, 2020|8 Comments

I keep seeing these memes on social media and honestly, they are triggers for me. I found myself having a full-fledged nightmare two nights ago after reading it and thinking about my childhood. Home was rarely safe for me. Before I could speak, I would cry when my mother turned the [...]

2903, 2020

Slowly Unraveling: Know Your Signs

March 29th, 2020|7 Comments

It's been 2 weeks since I've been in quarantine. I was handing it well. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I woke up early and went to the grocery store. After arriving, I saw roughly 40 other people who had the same plan as I had--arrive early, get in and get out swiftly. Almost [...]

1903, 2020

Misdiagnosed Not Defeated

March 19th, 2020|0 Comments

After 8 long years of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, living with type 2 diabetes, and being treated for type 2 diabetes...it turns out that I never had type 2 diabetes. I first shared this news on my social media account on my 9-year diaversary, February 11th. I did it [...]

103, 2020

I’m Back and Ready

March 1st, 2020|4 Comments

This is me. I took this picture today (March 1, 2020) after trying to find the right imagine to capture my current mood. After taking a break from my blog for the past few months, I'm back and ready to be renewed in a way that only writing can do. Today, [...]

1010, 2019

How Diabetes Has Impacted My Mental Health: World Mental Health Day

October 10th, 2019|1 Comment

By the time diabetes came along when I was 31 years old, I thought I'd found my way in the world and had my mental health on cruise control. I knew the difference between a bad day and a depressed week. I knew when unhealthy thoughts claimed too much of my [...]

1508, 2019

The Unexpected Gift Diabetes Gave Me

August 15th, 2019|1 Comment

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, there wasn't a single person in my cell phone's contact list that had diabetes. I was alone and felt every ounce of it. Last night while browsing through photos on my cell phone, I realized that in addition to making my life more complicated, diabetes [...]

1004, 2019

The New 7-Point Approach to Treating People with Type 2 Diabetes (Pt 2)

April 10th, 2019|4 Comments

I'm back with part 2! The discussion is about the new 7-point approach to treating people with type 2 diabetes. Click here for part 1, if you missed it. Here's an image of the entire cycle and below it are my thoughts on the remaining four parts. Step 4: Agree on [...]


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