If Your Skin Could Talk? TriDerma’s Competition

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If you attended any of my recent Diabetes Awareness Seminars, then you most likely got a chance to sample TriDerma’s new Diabetes Defense Skin Care products. Here’s an opportunity to get more of their products because you, yes YOU, have a chance to win.


Each time a customer writes a product review during the campaign, they will be entered to win a cash certificate to TriDerma.com. The campaign is open to all reviews, and up to 16 winners will be randomly selected. One winner will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate, and fifteen other winners will be selected to receive a $15 gift certificate on April 19, 2016.

About TriDerma:

TriDerma began over 20 years ago when one woman set out on a mission to find something to heal her irritated skin quickly and effectively. The brand has since helped thousands living with skin conditions, without the use of harmful chemicals. Since its start, TriDerma has grown by keeping in close contact with its customers. Handwritten notes, personal phone calls and stop-ins to the Corona headquarters have helped expand the product lines and gain new customers over the years. After listening to clients’ feedback over the years, products have been reformulated, discontinued and even created to meet particular needs of the TriDerma community.

Click HERE to enter the competition.

If you missed my review, click HERE to read it.


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