19 09, 2018

I Didn’t Beat Diabetes, I Fight With It

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Yesterday, someone wrote to me the following sentence. “I want you to tell me how to beat diabetes, like you.” This simple statement stopped me in my tracks because that’s not how I perceive it. Yes, I’ve shed nearly 100 lbs. Yes, I have run over thirty 5k races. Yes, I eat healthier now and have more discipline around food [...]

17 09, 2018

Interacting With A Polite Persistent Food Pusher

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Food pushers come in various degrees and I've been come across a wide range. The aggressive food pusher: "Here, try this." Me: "I am counting carbs, no thanks." Aggressive FP: "That's good to know, but try it, it's just a little bit." (There's no way out) The Self-important Food Pusher: "I made this, taste it." Me: "I maxed out on [...]

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