My Not-So Pinterest Pregnancy Announcement

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.26.37 AMAlmost naturally, I found myself on Pinterest searching for “Pregnancy announcements” because I wanted my announcement to be “P.E.R.F.E.C.T.” when I told my husband. I thought about telling him over dinner where instead of dessert on the tray, it would be the pregnancy news. Or perhaps a puzzle or scavenger hunt. While, I wasn’t sure which one it would be, I knew it would be creative. After all, I am a creative person.

But…this is what REALLY happened…

It was a Wednesday morning around 5am and I had awaken early only to relieve my bladder. It would mark the 4th day I had been awaiting a visitor to no avail and I was happy, but not too happy because the month before was similar. Except my monthly visitor arrived eight days late. So, although I was happy, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high and experience the level of disappointment I had before. I knew it was almost too early to check, but I decided to check anyway. As soon as I sat down to rescue my bladder of its load, I heard the call to prayer. I paused to bring my mind into submission. I went through the motions of taking the test and while I waited the 2 minutes for the results…I prayed.

I don’t do heartache too well. I know it’s a part of life, but it isn’t an experience I care to partake in too frequently. So, because I knew the heartbreak of wanting to be pregnant only to find a negative result, I wanted this time to be different. Previously, I had tested once with the early detection test (negative), then waited to the right window and tested again (negative), used the test from Dollar Tree (negative), used the most expensive test in the store (negative), and yet still I held on to hope. Cause we’ve all heard/read about that woman who was actually pregnant when the tests said otherwise. That could be me, couldn’t it? It wasn’t.

So, because I wanted this experience to be different, I prayed a different prayer. Rather than asking to be pregnant, I asked God to help me surrender to His will for my life. My exhaustion from being disappointed wasn’t completely over the negative test result, it was partly about not getting what I wanted when I wanted it. I knew that I needed to find peace. In those two minutes while I waited for the result, while the call to prayer was echoing from all the nearby mosques, I closed my eyes and surrendered to His will.

I heard the beeping sound of the test.

I took a deep breathe.

I inhaled serenity.

I exhaled all my desires.

I opened my eyes.

I saw this…IMG_0387I picked up the test and held it. I looked again. I looked harder.

In an instant, I wept.

I just broke down with gratitude that God had given me this gift. I smiled. I laughed. I jumped up and ran…

into the bedroom and waived that test in front of my husband’s sleeping eyes and started screaming…

“I’M PREGNANT” (jumps on bed)

(So much for the perfect pinterest announcement)

“What?” rubs his eyes and opened them.

“TURN ON THE LIGHT, I’M PREGNANT SEE” (shoves test further in his face)

“Let me see” (he tries seeing but was probably dreaming and now has an over exuberant wife in his face)

“DO YOU SEE IT? PREGNANT! I AM PREGNANT” (Feeling a sense that’s indescribable)

I eventually went back to bed and a few hours later went to the hospital and it was “confirmed.”IMG_0389Next Post: I share my “Pregnancy Wish List.” Now that I was pregnant, there were surely somethings I didn’t want to experience like swollen ankles. Yes, I know I still need prayer. LOL But I figure, we have not cause we ask not.  IMG_0388

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  1. Kristen November 13, 2015 at 8:26 am - Reply

    I got excited all over again after reading this. Sometimes, we have to share things not the way we like but at times, those moments can be the most perfect scenarios. So happy for your new bundle!!!

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