Managing Diabetes Abroad

I made it to the UAE again, but this third trip is a little different because I’m staying for a few months.

The flight from Atlanta to Dubai was the longest flight I’ve ever experienced–13 hours and 17 minutes (my longest before that was last summer when I flew from New York to Beijing 12 hours).

Since my glucose tends to run low on long flights, I had a few pieces of candy with me and knew that I needed to pace my meals. Pacing meals on flights when I’m restricted to receiving meals according to their time and not mine means that I don’t eat everything or at all when they issue the meals. The carb count in diabetic meals can be rather high, but when I split the meal (ate some now and saved some for later) my glucose was fine. By doing this, I didn’t experience any hypos or very high spikes.

As usual (with Delta), I got a nice sticker on my seat that let’s everyone know that I require a special diabetic meal (“DBML”).

IMG_7684Thankfully, the flight attendant didn’t scream “Diabetic Meal” on this flight like I’ve had on other flights.


Chicken, rice, water, roll, salad, and fruit.

The regular meals had a creamier salad dressing and a brownie instead of fruit. I didn’t eat the roll and my numbers were fine.


cucumber salad, fruit, roll, water, cheese and tomato sandwich

Above is a picture of the “snack.” As you can see, it was loaded with carbs, so I did not eat it all at once.


bread, tomato, cheese, and herbs

Just before landing (with only one bun) it hit the spot.

Eventually, we reached our destination. I was SO happy. I spent the time reading on my iPad, playing Angry Birds, Ruzzle, Bejeweled, sleeping, and walking around.

IMG_7694The monitor on the back of my seat displayed the flight’s path across the world.IMG_8287

Last week, I attended a business expo at my hotel. While visiting a local hospital’s booth, I had my glucose checked. I was their first “patient.” When I shared with them that I’m a diabetes blogger, they were impressed and happy to take the picture for me. My glucose was 119.

Next week, I’m attending a diabetes event in the Capital (Abu Dhabi) and I’ll be the only blogger with VIP access…I can’t wait!


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