17 09, 2018

Interacting With A Polite Persistent Food Pusher

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Food pushers come in various degrees and I've been come across a wide range. The aggressive food pusher: "Here, try this." Me: "I am counting carbs, no thanks." Aggressive FP: "That's good to know, but try it, it's just a little bit." (There's no way out) The Self-important Food Pusher: "I made this, taste it." Me: "I maxed out on [...]

20 06, 2018

Two T2s Discuss the Freestyle Libre

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My dear friend Sue (at Diabetes Ramblings) and I were recently together at HealtheVoices18 and discovered that we both were using the Freestyle Libre. We teamed up to give you our opinions on the device. How long have you been using the Freestyle Libre? Me: Since April 2018 Sue: December 2017 What do you like about the Freestyle Libre? Me:I [...]

14 06, 2018

Freestyle Libre: Has It Changed My Life?

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I finally got my hands on the Freestyle Libre (a CGM finally available for people with type 2 diabetes) a couple of months ago. I've been waiting to review it until I had adequate time with it. It's been roughly two months, so here you go. Overall, I am pleased with it, but as with everything there is THE GOOD, [...]

9 06, 2018

Book Giveaway: A Quick Summer Read Could Be Yours

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It's Mango season! As a kid growing up in South Florida, I couldn't wait until the summer to have as many mangoes as my stomach could handle. Of course, I would start off eating from the two trees in our backyard, but as the days went on and I got tired of eating ours, I traded with the next door [...]

4 05, 2018

Don’t Try This at Home for Ramadan

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There I was minding my own diabetes business when I saw a pamphlet about fasting during Ramadan. Naturally, with Ramadan starting in a few days, I picked it up and read it. There were some great tips on there about avoiding sugary drinks, butter, and large portions. But then something caught my eye. Immediately when I saw this SAMPLE PLATE, [...]

22 04, 2018

Redefining Diabetes Failure

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Type 2 Diabetes is seen as failure. Taking insulin when you have type 2 diabetes is seen as a failure. So, imagine what it's like living with type 2 diabetes and talking insulin. Who needs another reason to feel like a failure? I don't! I am back on insulin. When I was first diagnosed, I started on insulin. After a [...]

20 01, 2018

Reflections on 2017

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2017 was an exciting year for me. I learned a lot of about diabetes advocacy and discovered that some things are possible that I didn't know existed. When I think back over 2017, there are some things that stick out as milestones and/or extremely memorable. Here are a few of those things  (in no particular order). 1. Creating a peer-to-peer support [...]

14 12, 2017

Black-ish Brings Type 2 Diabetes To The Center

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If you missed it, last night the tv show Black-ish finished the year with Season 4, episode 9 entitled "Sugar Daddy. " Although I had originally missed it, two of my friends told me that I needed to watch it. In the episode Dre, the father in the show, is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes while visiting his doctor and we [...]

4 11, 2017

My Announcement of a Lifetime!

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Back in 2013, I attended my first BlogHer Conference and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Sheryl Sandberg. During one of the activities, we were asked to write down what we would do if we were not afraid. It didn't take me long to write down what I do because it was something that was very present in [...]

7 10, 2017

I’m a Member of Blue Circle Voices, What An Honor!

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It's with great pleasure that I announce to you that I am now a member of the International Diabetes Federation's Blue Circle Voices Network. Blue Circle Voices has a wonderful mission. Mission: BCV act as the global voice of people living with diabetes and draws upon the experiences of people living with diabetes. I am looking forward to connecting with [...]

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