Aug 06 2016

Support My 100lbs Weight Loss

I can’t believe I am even writing “Support my 100lbs weight loss” because when I started my journey, I never imagined this could be possible. I am 15lbs away from losing 100lbs in 10 years.

In 2006, I went to Paris for the first time. I wanted to buy some jeans that had enough leg room in them for walking. I tried on a few pair and ended up purchasing a size 20W. I was mortified because I had no excuse for being a size 20W. I looked in the mirror and told myself six harsh but truthful words…”You are fat for no reason.” I didn’t have any kids. I didn’t have any health conditions. The only reason I was that size was because I didn’t care. Sure, I wanted to be smaller, but I also wanted to eat whatever and whenever without caring about how it affected my body. My health wasn’t a priority.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.06.50 AM

At the Louvre wearing my new jeans.

Those jeans changed me. I decided that I would care. I put my health first and started my weight loss journey immediately upon my return. I refused to buy another size 20W and wore those jeans until they got holes in them and they were too big. I committed to these things:

1. TAKE IT SLOW: I didn’t want a quick fix because I wanted to NEVER return to that size again (unless I had a real reason). I remember inviting a few friends on the journey with me, but they all said they wanted to lose their weight quickly and a couple did. Most of them gained the weight back though.

2. LOVE MYSELF WHERE I AM: I didn’t want to hate myself, my weight, or the habits that got me there. My journey was about loving myself enough to let the weight go. So, I made sure to love the 260lbs me as much as I loved the 210lbs version, and so on.

Screen Shot 2011-12-25 at 3.50.07 AM

So, I tracked my progress over the years. My over all goal was to not enter a new year weighing more than I did the previous year. And I accomplished that every year until the 5th year into my journey. Five years after I started my process of being healthier, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

When I was diagnosed, I had a major setback. I gained 32lbs in one week. I can’t even tell you how many months it had taken me to lose 32lbs and I gained it all back within a week.

I even have pictures to prove it.


Picture on the left (April 14, 2011)/Picture on the right (April 21, 2011)

Even with that major setback in my weight loss, I was happy to be alive and continued to love myself through that.

The slow road isn’t for everyone, however, it was best for me. I am no longer the person I was a decade ago. My eating habits have changed completely, my health is a daily priority, and most of all…I care. I care about myself in ways that I didn’t before and it feels so good.

Here are six lessons that I have learned along the way:

1. My journey is mine alone. It helps to have group support but when various groups fell apart I had to remind myself that this was my journey and I had to stay the course.

2. It’s okay to be the biggest one in the exercise class. I had to work through my reservations about joining a gym and exercise classes. I have been the biggest one in the yoga class. The biggest one in the Zumba class. The biggest one in the body pump class. The pilates class. The spin class. The water aerobics class. Each and every time I have been the biggest one in the class, I would tell myself, I won’t always be this size.

3. Some foods can’t go on the journey with me. Over the decade, I have let some foods and beverages go. Had you asked me 10 years ago if I could envision my life without those things, I most certainly would have said “No way.” Over time, however, I started eating cleaner and some food relationships came to an end.

4. Don’t lose sight of the big picture. When I have a bad day or an off week, I refocus and get back on track by reminding myself of the big picture. My big picture is to be healthier.

5. Commit to NEVER going back. With every 10lbs I lose, I commit to never going backwards.

6. The scale is my friend. At my heaviest, I avoided the scale. I didn’t want to see the number. I didn’t care. But along the way, I have come to see the scale as my friend. It is my daily or weekly gauge to stay on track.

So here I am 85lbs later. Today, I committed to something that I never thought I would be doing… I am committing to losing 100lbs. My goal is lose the final 15lbs before the year ends.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 11.37.30 PM

Cheer me on, I would love to have your support.




Aug 05 2016

My Medical Visits: Experiences to Talk About

Recently, I was asked to write a brief opinion piece about an experience I had as a patient. As I began writing, I realized that I have so many stories because living with a chronic illness means constantly going to the doctor.

Since I could only pick one story for the magazine, I decided to post a few stories on social media. For eight hours, I posted a new story each hour. You can find them below along with some bonus ones.

1. When rather than admit to medical malpractice, my physician blamed the 3rd degree burn I had after childbirth on diabetes. giphy

2. When I think about the release form my physician made me sign because she didn’t think I needed to go to the ER and that I was acting against her advice and doing my own thing.

I told her I felt like I was dying and didn’t think she was helping me.

When I got to the ER they confirmed that I was actually going into a diabetic coma.


3. When I don’t get a bill after having two surgeries abroad but I am still paying for the one urgent care visit I had in Florida. 


4. When the pharmacist gave me free samples of strips for my glucose monitoring device.


(For those who don’t know. 50 strips can cost $89)

5. When the physician treated me like an idiot, but then wanted dissertation advice after she found out that I am a doctor and have been one longer than her. 


6. When in 2013, I got the Fulbright and couldn’t maintain my health insurance or get new insurance because diabetes is a “Pre-existing Condition” but discovered that in the UAE everyone has health insurance and my doctor visits were only $13.


7. When I went to a new doctor to find out the status of my fibroid but he instead started pushing contraceptives on me talking about “Diabetics are at high risk for having deformed babies.”


8. When I walked into the doctor office to make an appointment and the secretary blurted “We are no longer accepting Medicaid patients.”
My response, “What’s Medicaid?”
After she bit her tongue realizing she made a judgement about me based on umm…I don’t know, “Oh, what insurance do you have?”
“Blue Cross and Blue Shield”



Bonus Stories

1. When I walked out of a diabetes center in the UAE after getting an eye exam, complete blood work, my A1C, insulin, a new glucose monitoring device, strips, lancets, and a visit with an Endocrinologist all at the same location within 2 hours and it only cost $13. As I reflected on all the times I had to put my diabetes care on credit cards because I couldn’t afford it.


2. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes (in North Carolina) and asked if I had Type 1 or Type 2 and the Endo replied, “Well, we don’t know. We have to send your blood to California and wait for the results to come back.”


3. When the dentist told me that I needed to be fitted for dentures because I would lose my teeth within a year.


(By the way: 16 years later I haven’t lost one tooth yet)

4. Every time my Endo tells me my A1C has dropped or remained within range.


5. How I feel when I run into another person with diabetes who tells with me that they have had similar experiences. The struggle is real!




Jun 24 2016

Loving the BLUETOOTH connection!

There is something very magical about having the ability to sync your glucose readings automatically. It makes your life a million times better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to see my endocrinologist and had some readings in a traditional logbook and some readings on an app on my phone, but the majority of the readings were still inside the glucose monitoring device waiting to be transferred.

Bluetooth connection changes all of that. As a new mom trying to balance it all, I have greatly appreciated having the opportunity to test the FORA TN’G Voice Glucose Monitoring System

IMG_0400Here’s my experience:

When it first arrived, I was most eager to try the Bluetooth feature so I jumped right in. My personality type is whatever type that does NOT like to read instruction manuals and that was… umm… a MISTAKE!

InstructionsAfter not getting very far, I had to go back and read the directions and guess what? I’m SO glad that I did. This GMS (Glucose Monitoring System) has many more features than I’m accustomed to having. I was able to set the time, a few alarms, the time of day for the readings, and the coolest of them all…set the volume of the TALKING Feature (or mute it).  This devise actually talks to you.

Although the talking feature wouldn’t be great during the times when I want to be discreet (during class or in meetings or in church) but at home this is perfect.  It’s also great for people who are visually impaired.

After getting it all hooked up, I struggled for a while trying to get the Bluetooth connection going, but once I found the correct button to press, it was SMOOTH sailing. (*It’s important to connect the Bluetooth via the APP on your phone and NOT the settings on your phone. This tip will spare you the unlimited amount of hours that I wasted without connectivity).

IMG_0404This is the app and setting it up was very easy.

IMG_0408I gave it access to WRITE and READ data.

IMG_0407Once it was installed… it was smooth sailing. I checked my glucose.

IMG_0411Do you see the light? This was so freaking cool. You’re able to check your glucose in the middle of the night when hypos hit without having to spend energy turning on the lights in the room. Furthermore…

IMG_0414The ENTIRE device provides EXCELLENT lighting and large numbers. This is my after meal reading.

IMG_0415When I finished checking my glucose, I didn’t have to touch the testing strip. I just pressed this button on the side and it popped out into the trash. It was like shooting a 3-pointer with nothing-but-net.

After some time trying out this GMS, here are the pros and cons.


1. The size. It’s the biggest GMS I’ve ever had.

IMG_0413It’s bigger than my current accuCheck and takes up a large portion of my hand

IMG_04122. I checked the major stores here in South Florida (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens) and they don’t carry the strips. So, you have to make sure you order enough online.

Besides that, I was very much pleasantly pleased by it. On their website, they do offer a smaller one that might be easier to carry in a small purse.


  1. The BLUETOOTH!!!! (Allows you to sync your readings to your phone quickly and completely hands-free)

  2. The light (It’s so helpful, especially at night)

  3. The audio voice technology. When you insert a test strip it says aloud “Thank you for using Fora Health Products. Please relax during measurement. Please apply blood into the strip.” (I liked being reminded that I need to relax. Sometimes testing can be nerve-wrecking)

  4. The App (I can easily view my readings and give them to my Endocrinologist at my next visit)

  5. Bluetooth (just had to say it again because it’s just so darn fantastic!)

If you’d like to try it at 50% off use discount code “drp50” on their website HERE  (Discount ends July 31st)

*This review contains my honest opinion. I have not been paid for this review. I did receive the glucose monitoring device to test out at no cost.



Apr 16 2016

Qatar Airways has the BEST Diabetic Meals!

I travel a lot.

I am blessed to have have flown on more international flights than I can count and with a variety of airlines. I’ve traveled to 21 countries but I have NEVER had a diabetic meal as balanced and delicious as I have on Qatar Airways.

Last week, on my flight from Houston to Doha, I was given the following meal for dinner.

IMG_0067This meal consisted of: Salmon, rice, veggie sauce, a small green salad, fruit, and water. This was not only tasty but filling. The “regular” meal choices were chicken or vegetarian options which made me appreciate my fish option even more. Who doesn’t love salmon? It made me feel as special as my meal was.

Then before the descend, we were given breakfast.

IMG_0069This meal consisted of: Egg omelet, sauteed spinach, pink grapefruit, plain yogurt with a strawberry, a rice cake, and orange juice. I asked for the roll and butter.

If there was ever a time I got excited about a rice cake, it was last week on my flight. Why? Well, I like rice cakes but it was another one of those things that made Qatar stand out…what airline gives you a rice cake? Moreover, an apple cinnamon rice cake? I saved it for my snack and it was the perfect pick me up a couple of hours later.

Hands down, no hesitation, Qatar’s diabetic meals are the best that I have had on any flight. No Shade to other airlines…well maybe just enough to encourage them to step up their game. I use to fly (an airline that I will not name) frequently and I stopped requesting diabetic meals because they were not balanced (either too many carbs or not enough), they were not appealing, or tasty. It is a horrible feeling to get a “special” meal and look around at the “regular” meals and want to beat yourself up. The last time I flew on (an airline that I will not name) I ended up telling the flight attendant that I didn’t want the diabetic meal once I saw it. Sadly, she looked at the meal and understood.

The next time you flight internationally don’t be afraid to order the diabetic meal on Qatar Airways.


*I have not been paid for this post, I am just so thankful that there is an airline that gets our dietary needs that I think you all should know.

Mar 16 2016

Never Forget: Diabetes is Bigger than You

It’s always a unique experience when you travel to a diabetes walk. Why? Because you get a real sense of just how global the epidemic is.

Sometimes we can get caught up in our little sections of the diabetes cause and remain focused on “our” issues be it race, age, type, nationality, or some other “otherness” category and forget that diabetes is affecting us all.  It’s affecting the skinny as well as the obese, the blacks and well as the whites, the young as well as the older, the poor as well as the affluent, the Westerners as well as the Easterners, and the 1s and the 2s.  Yes, there are some MAJOR disproportions that need consideration and attention. However, sometimes, it’s good to bond around 1 common issue: Diabetes.IMG_0035

I had the pleasure of attending a Diabetes Walk with about 95% Indian and Filipino population. I was alone, so it forced me meet people that I might otherwise not chat with. Additionally, it gave me another opportunity to see just how widespread diabetes is from a global perspective.

I had an awesome time, I would encourage anyone to take a break from your macro corner, get out and travel to a diabetes walk in another town or state, enjoy seeing different faces, races, cultures, ages, and types so that you too can be reminded that our fight is bigger than our differences.

IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0041

Mar 09 2016

If Your Skin Could Talk? TriDerma’s Competition

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.47.47 PM

If you attended any of my recent Diabetes Awareness Seminars, then you most likely got a chance to sample TriDerma’s new Diabetes Defense Skin Care products. Here’s an opportunity to get more of their products because you, yes YOU, have a chance to win.


Each time a customer writes a product review during the campaign, they will be entered to win a cash certificate to The campaign is open to all reviews, and up to 16 winners will be randomly selected. One winner will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate, and fifteen other winners will be selected to receive a $15 gift certificate on April 19, 2016.

About TriDerma:

TriDerma began over 20 years ago when one woman set out on a mission to find something to heal her irritated skin quickly and effectively. The brand has since helped thousands living with skin conditions, without the use of harmful chemicals. Since its start, TriDerma has grown by keeping in close contact with its customers. Handwritten notes, personal phone calls and stop-ins to the Corona headquarters have helped expand the product lines and gain new customers over the years. After listening to clients’ feedback over the years, products have been reformulated, discontinued and even created to meet particular needs of the TriDerma community.

Click HERE to enter the competition.

If you missed my review, click HERE to read it.


Feb 26 2016

My Struggle With Rice Dishes and The Plate Method

I like the plate method and do my best to eat by it and the carb exchange method, but I have to admit that I also enjoy one pot rice dishes such as

Yellow rice and chicken

Chicken briyani

Pepper steak rice stew

Stir fry rice

and many others.

When it comes to counting carbs, I struggle with these types dishes because it’s difficult to take apart the carbs from the protein because every spoon has a little protein and a lot of carbs.

Imagine, if you were eating Chicken Biranyi (the dish pictured below) how would you count carb? In this dish, there are chicken drumsticks, but in some dishes the chicken is de-boned and shredded…how do you properly account for the amount of protein?

chicken biryani

These one pot rices dishes were very popular in my house but I avoided them because it’s hard to count carbs. However, this weekend I was craving my uncle’s yellow rice chicken and I made it. Sure enough it was a carb-counting/plate method nightmare… but SO YUMMY and DELICIOUS!!!

So, here’s my bottom line. I am looking for suggestions. Any advice? What’s your rule of thumb for one pot rice dishes or pasta casseroles?




Feb 02 2016

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Secret to Staying Under 20lbs

Recently, I was asked “So, how long did it take you to lose your pregnancy weight?”

I didn’t think about it until then, but I actually lost my pregnancy weight at birth. I gained only 17lbs and my daughter was 7lbs. If you add the water weight, the extra blood in the body, and the after birth, I shed that majority, if not all, of that weight in the delivery room.

I was then asked, “How did you do that?”

Here are the Top 3 ways I was able to do it

1. I walked. I did three races while pregnant and walked as often as possible. I would walk in the mornings or in the evenings or whenever the mood hit me. I walked until my walk became a slow waddle.


2. I didn’t believe that I was eating for two and I didn’t let myself go. I know some women feel that pregnancy is their time to eat like a pig and not have to worry. Kudos to them, but I didn’t work this hard and for so long to just throw caution to the wind. After all, I did lose 50lbs and was finally under 200lbs. As a Type 2, my days of eating uncontrollably and not worry about the consequences are in a distant past. I stuck with my life as normal-eat in moderation and exercised.  Unfortunately, I had to quit Zumba and other high impact aerobics.

3. Because I wasn’t able to produce enough insulin for me and my growing fetus, I required daily insulin injections. No big deal, it comes with the territory. I took my medicine properly and ate balanced meals. My meals were on schedule (8am breakfast, 11am snack, 2pm lunch, 5pm snack, 8pm dinner). I believe that this schedule helped tremendously because I wasn’t hungry and didn’t feel the urge to over eat.

Below are typical meals.

BREAKFAST: Two eggs and toast

SNACKS: A piece of fruit and PLAIN yogurt (yes, plain yogurt is nasty and tasteless. I tried every brand under the sun and decided to just accept that plain yogurt is bland and undesirable).

DINNER: A protein, starch, and veggies. I ate by The Plate Method.

Every woman is unique and every pregnancy is different. What worked for me, may or may not work for you. But these three things help me maintain a healthy pregnancy, keep my weight in control, and feel good throughout the entire pregnancy–they might help you or someone you know.



Dec 01 2015

Dry Skin, Diabetes, and TriDerma’s “Foot Revival” Cream

I have always had dry skin, that’s just my skin type. Some have oily, others have combination, I have dry.

However, I never thought about how my skin might be drier because of diabetes, I simply thought it could be the harsher water or age or me not drinking enough water. But, after trying some of TriDerma products, I realize that it could be all of the above.

My attempts to keep my skin moisturized has consisted of applying baby oil immediately after showering, then drying off, then applying lotion. I’ve used lotion with shea butter, lotion creams, sweet-smelling Bath&Body Works, inexpensive lotions, and even concoctions I’ve made. But, nothing seems to last all day.

I was asked to give TriDerma a try and I did.

triderma-samplesOf TriDerma’s Diabetes Defense Line, I was most excited about the Dry Skin Defense Healing Cream. But to my surprise, I was most impressed by the Foot Defense Healing Cream.

Dry Skin Defense Healing Cream Pros:

It wasn’t greasy or thick, but worked well. It’s a cream-like lotion. Perfect for everyday use.

Dry Skin Defense Healing Cream Cons:

It’s unscented and I like my lotion to have a scent.

Foot Defense Healing Cream Pros:

They need to change the name of this cream to “Foot Revival: The product you’ve waited for all your life!” I was SO impressed by this, I wanted to put it on my whole body.

Texture: It’s not cream like, it’s looks more like Vaseline, but it does not have that thick greasy feeling like Vaseline. (A major plus factor) Anyone with cracked heels understands that there comes a point when the only thing that can penetrate that heel skin is Vaseline. Well, now there is something even better. It works well on those elbows too.

Scent: a hint of aloe.

Spreadability: (yes, I create new words as a hobby) A little does go a long way.

Like I said earlier, I was most impressed by this product and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone (even without diabetes). Here’s a picture of my feet:

triderma-feetMY LEFT FOOT: After drying from the shower and as you can see it’s ashy!

MY RIGHT FOOT: I applied Foot Defense Healing Cream. Now you can see why I call it “Foot Revival.” It is smooth and lasted the entire day.

Foot Defense Healing Cream Cons:

I love my scents, if they would make this product in a scented version maybe a Minty Mango or a Peach Peppermint, it would be better than awesome. I think that tingling sensation given by mint or eucalyptus would be a nice touch for us diabetics (especially those with nerve damage).


The people at TriDerma were also nice enough to send samples for my guests at the forum I did on World Diabetes Day. In the picture below, a few participants are seen here holding up the samples.

IMG_0255My conclusion about TriDerma products. I am honored to review their Diabetes Defense Healing Creams. Each lotion is targeted for a particular purpose. I have been applying the Bruise Defense Healing Cream on my hands where I had a small bruise. As you know, we heal slower than non-diabetics, so I think this is a good cream to have in the house at all times. I didn’t try the Ulcer Defense Healing Cream because I don’t have any ulcers. The Dry Skin Defense Healing Cream is a great all over cream. It cut down on my need to use oil AND lotion.

The Foot Defense Healing Cream is the BEST CREAM I HAVE EVER USED. It actually lasted all day. I am telling you, they need to change the name to Foot Revival because it gave my feet a renewed shine.

 If you would like to purchase for yourself or a loved one, CLICK THIS LINK.

*I received the products for review, but I did not receive any money for this review. This is my honest opinion of their products.

Nov 15 2015

World Diabetes Day “Let’s Talk about Type 2”

Here’s a snippet of my presentation given on World Diabetes Day.


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