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Mar 16 2016

Never Forget: Diabetes is Bigger than You


It’s always a unique experience when you travel to a diabetes walk. Why? Because you get a real sense of just how global the epidemic is. Sometimes we can get caught up in our little sections of the diabetes cause and remain focused on “our” issues be it race, age, type, nationality, or some other …

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Mar 09 2016

If Your Skin Could Talk? TriDerma’s Competition

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.47.47 PM

If you attended any of my recent Diabetes Awareness Seminars, then you most likely got a chance to sample TriDerma’s new Diabetes Defense Skin Care products. Here’s an opportunity to get more of their products because you, yes YOU, have a chance to win. Information: Each time a customer writes a product review during the …

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Feb 26 2016

My Struggle With Rice Dishes and The Plate Method

chicken biryani

I like the plate method and do my best to eat by it and the carb exchange method, but I have to admit that I also enjoy one pot rice dishes such as Yellow rice and chicken Chicken briyani Pepper steak rice stew Stir fry rice and many others. When it comes to counting carbs, …

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Dec 01 2015

Dry Skin, Diabetes, and TriDerma’s “Foot Revival” Cream


I have always had dry skin, that’s just my skin type. Some have oily, others have combination, I have dry. However, I never thought about how my skin might be drier because of diabetes, I simply thought it could be the harsher water or age or me not drinking enough water. But, after trying some …

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Nov 15 2015

World Diabetes Day “Let’s Talk about Type 2”


Here’s a snippet of my presentation given on World Diabetes Day.

Oct 13 2015

Deciding on Motherhood while Living with Type 2


I am not the type of woman that felt my life would be incomplete without experiencing motherhood. For most of my life, I would even say, “I don’t want children.” I didn’t get a “tingling” feeling when passing the baby section in stores and “Baby Fever” was never something I caught. It was a distant …

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May 14 2015

DBlog Week Day 4–Changes


Today’s topic: What I would most like to see change about diabetes. That’s an easy one for me. I would like for diabetes management to be more affordable. I was diagnosed while living in the United States and over the past four years I have had the privilege to benefit from access to diabetes care …

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May 12 2015

DBlog Week Day 2–What I Keep to Myself


Today’s topic is very interesting because if I tell you what I don’t tell you, then I’m telling you. LOL However, in my most recent interview by Health Central that went live a few weeks ago (see it here) the thing that I’ve been keeping to myself is now public. Pregnancy and Diabetes. I read, …

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May 11 2015

DBlog Week Day 1–I Can

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 9.45.47 PM

So, today is the kick off of the 6th annual DBlog Week and today’s topic is “I CAN…” When I think of the I CAN theme, I think about my ability to integrate diabetes management into my life rather than have diabetes management take over my life. It’s been 4 years since I was diagnosed …

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Apr 28 2015

Health Central Interview

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.20.33 PM

This is a link to the video interview conducted by Health Central   Check it out  

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